About Miss & Mister Supranational

Miss Supranational started in 2009 and was organized by the World Beauty Association S.A., based in Panama. The first-ever Miss Supranational competition took place in Płock, Poland. Since then, it has become one of the leading beauty pageants globally and is known for its high production values and impressive stage designs.

Mister Supranational began more recently, with its first edition held in 2016. It was created by the same organization that started Miss Supranational and aimed to provide a platform for men that paralleled the opportunities provided to women in international beauty pageants.

Both pageants have various rounds, including national costume, swimsuit, evening wear, and interview segments. The winners of these pageants are expected to be role models who will use their titles to support charitable causes and embody the values that the pageant stands for. They usually receive a crown, a cash prize, and various other perks, like travel opportunities and modeling contracts.

The winners often spend the year of their reign participating in fashion shows, photo shoots, charity events, and cultural exchanges around the world. They also have the responsibility to share and promote the ideals of the pageant, which include fostering good will and understanding among different peoples and cultures.

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